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International Conference on Indonesian Social & Political Enquiries (ICISPE) is an annual event held by Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Universitas Diponegoro. This conference is build with the spirit and passion for the development of multidiscipline and inclusive sciences. In other words, the conference is not only the chance for the academics to review the phenomenon and contemporary problems by collaborating various discipline, but also to open opportunities as widely as possible to every stakeholder who are willing to bridge academic and practical fields. This multidiscipline and inclusive collaboration are later to be implemented through discussion forum, research, and join publication.

More in particular, the conference built to strengthen the study about social and political issues in Indonesia by involving national and international experts. ICISPE put Indonesia as the main center of study, considering the background of socio-cultural modalities in form of multicultural and a house for the biggest moslem community in the world, with democracy in the political system. This is a unique position both for the research and discussion which later will be the red thread of the conference in every year. Further in this conference, participants are invited to review the social and political phenomenon of the contemporary era in Indonesia in order to improve the level of understanding, until then bring out sophisticated approaches as proposed solutions to respond the existing problems.

Even though moving from the basic idea of a scientific forum, ICISPE can be a social forum to broaden the network among the participants as well. They are the representative of the thinkers and the doers; the activators of science progress and community development. Then progressively raise up the spirit, ICISPE was and will be held in Semarang City which is one of the multiculturalism faces in Indonesia. In this context, ICISPE is further to be a socio-cultural forum for the participants in order to understand more about the unique characterization of Indonesia through the representative in local level, which is Semarang.

ICISPE itself is a sequence event consists of two main agendas. The first is the general exposure by experts to discuss about the main theme of the conference. The second is the panel discussion as dissemination event to discuss about the conceptual mind and the research result of the theme derived framework. With the diverse agendas packed in one conference, participants are expected to gain a comprehensive experience of the topic.

About ICISPE 2020

As one of the best international conference in Semarang, the aim of ICISPE is not only to create opportunity for the academics to do research about the phenomenon and contemporary issues but also to be a discussion space among the stakeholders which later expected to be tipped on the establishment of policies as the real form of solution for social problems in our society. Hence, the theme proposed by ICISPE 2020 is believed capable to give tangible contribution for social issues in Indonesia particularly and the world in general.

This conference will focus on research for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including all its 17 goals, by sustaining a wide network in a wide range connecting experts working on sustainable development issues, where all stakeholders will learn from each other: universities, governments, cities and public and civil societies.

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